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Since December 2001, federal legislation has imposed privacy protection obligations on both the public and private sector. These obligations have been the subject of subsequent reform culminating in the development of the Australian Privacy Principles (APP), that came into effect on 12 March 2014.

Andrew Skinner & Assoc is committed to best practice in complying with these obligations and has formulated an APP Privacy Policy to describe our approach to the collection, use, disclosure and storage of personal information.

This policy is subject to annual review by the Board of Andrew Skinner & Assoc, revisions will be published to our website as and when amendments are made.


Collection and Use of Personal Information

Personal information in relation to our clients is collected from individuals (and where authorized their advisors) for the purpose of performing our services. Collection of this information is authorised under Australian taxation and superannuation law and is collected via written forms and applications, by electronic means and verbally.

The information collected may include:

  • Name, address, date and place of birth
  • Employment details
  • Financial information such as bank account and other investment details.
  • It may also include tax file numbers.


Personal information in relation to prospective and current employees includes that listed above and in addition can include:

  • Results of criminal history checks,
  • Employment history,
  • Educational qualifications, and
  • In some cases, health information.


This information is used during the recruitment process and to comply with our employer obligations during and post-employment.

Your personal information will not be used to facilitate direct marketing by third parties.


Disclosure of Personal Information

Personal information is not disclosed to any entity other than in direct relation to the provision of the services for which you engage Andrew Skinner & Assoc.

These entities include the Australian Taxation Office, Australian Securities and Investment Commission, Auditors of the Superannuation Fund and other authorised professional representatives such as Solicitors, Accountants, Auditors and Financial Planners as nominated by you.


Use of Personal Information

All personal information is used for the primary purpose of carrying out the services that you have delegated to us.


Storage of Personal Information

Personal information is stored electronically by Andrew Skinner & Assoc and is protected by a range of security measures including:

  • Security monitored and alarmed office
  • Password controlled and restricted access to electronically store personal information
  • All electronically stored personal information is stored in Australia
  • Confidentiality agreements signed by all staff.

When personal information is no longer required, we have procedures in place to destroy or permanently de-identify the information. Andrew Skinner & Assoc also holds some physical records which are stored onsite.


Data Quality

We are committed to ensuring that personal information is accurate, complete and up-to-date.


Access to Personal Information

You have a right to access your personal information and request corrections where the information held by us is inaccurate.

You may do this by contacting The Privacy Officer in the following ways:

Fax:                       02 4930 2199
Phone:                  02 4930 2100

In writing:           The Privacy Officer
Andrew Skinner & Assoc
GPO Box 2867
Sydney NSW 2001


Amendments to your personal information may be advised to us by telephone, in writing or preferably by email to

We will attend to correction of records within 28 days of receipt.


What if you do not wish to provide personal information?

The nature of the services provided by Andrew Skinner & Assoc is that certain personal information is required in order for us to perform the services required. Failure to provide the information may result in us having to decline to provide services.


What if you are dissatisfied with the way we deal with your personal information?

If you have concerns that your personal information has not been handled appropriately and in accordance with this Policy please outline your concerns in writing and send to us at

We will ensure we contact you within 14 days to resolve your concerns


If you are dissatisfied with our handling of your concerns, you may then contact the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) at as they have been authorized by the Information Commissioner to handle privacy-related complaints.


Lastly, if you remain dissatisfied your concerns can be taken to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) at

Should you have any questions in relation to our APP Privacy Policy, please contact the Privacy Officer via:

Fax:                       02 4930 2199
Phone:                  02 4930 2100

In writing:           The Privacy Officer
Andrew Skinner & Assoc
GPO Box 2867
Sydney NSW 2001


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